Welcome to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

The Earth Defence Force, or EDF, is a collection of aliens and power rangers and anything else I used to like, joined together to defend the earth from an army of dinosaurs 5 times its size. This is more of a read-only wiki, but feel free to correct typos and comment on pages.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The entire universe this wiki focuses on was created by Toothless99. He has an UNBELIEVABLE number of dinosaur toys, creating a massive, unstoppable army. He has much fewer alien toys, so groups them together with even fewer numbers of power rangers, and other random toys, like Transformers, Hot Wheels villains and Kung Fu Panda, to form the EDF - Earth Defence Force. (he only realised later that EDF was also a type of energy). When he can be bothered, he sets them up at opposite ends of the room, then has a massive war between the two. Somehow, in the end, the EDF (much fewer in number), always come out on top with one or two members still standing. Once or twice, the EDF lose. Full-scale battles happen rarely, as Toothless99 can rarely be bothered to tidy up his room afterwards. Normally, he (in the role of the Great One) sends out small (I say small, but small for the dinosaur army is large) groups to terrorise the EDF, who hurriedly put up a rubbish defence. He forgot about the universe for a while, but when he came back to it, the EDF were promptly flattened due to lack of training, and he called this period the rust. He is still having battles this very day.

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